San Felipe Info

Located 125 miles south of Calexico, California San Felipe is a community of 20,000-25,000 people. San Felipe is a picturesque town nestled along The Sea of Cortez and is famous for Sport Fishing, Off Road Racing, and of course fish tacos! 

San Felipe was originally a small fishing village but the main source of income is now derived from mining, tourism, real estate sales and construction, in addition to Retirement Living for Canadians, Americans, and Europeans. 

In the last several years, the town of San Felipe has grown to accommodate it's international guests and residents. Most local residents speak or understand English. Increasingly, in the grocery stores you will find American style products and there are 2 delis north of town that accommodate special requests for items and carry staples of your favorite products. 

San Felipe also offers it's residents several choices in lifestyles. If you are looking for a more "American-Style" community, El Dorado Ranch, La Ventana del Mar, Playa de Oro, and Mission Los Sahuaros may be a good fit for you with all communities offering clear title, amenities, security and private beach access.

In town, you will find many ex-pats dotted throughout the neighborhoods. Lured by the proximity of downtown, city electric, water, and sewer, and freedom from restrictions on building, living in town is very appealing to many people. 

Electricity ends at Km. 11 and you will find many hundreds of homes along the coastline. The attraction of living off the grid has been the chosen lifestyle for many long time San Felipe residents. The peace and beauty of south campos is truly unique and inviting! 

Some movie fans may recognize the San Felipe/Mexicali landscape from movies such as: Ray Liotta's 2000 film "Pilgrim", the Vin Diesel and Paul Walker blockbuster "The Fast and The Furious", Daniel Craig as James Bond in "Quantum of Solace", and Milla Jovovich's "Resident Evil: Extinction".



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